A Quick Overview

Suubi House is a community designed to love and serve children with special needs through training, equipping and empowering families. We're passionate about changing the idea in Uganda that special needs is a curse, and in the most holistic way possible, show how much these kids are loved, valued and have purpose. We believe that this love can spread and change the whole community.

Using local resource whenever possible, we serve our kids and families in three ways:


Physical Care

From in-home physical therapy to medical equipment and trips to the hospital, we start with the most urgent needs to bring physical healing and health.

Family Education

Most families know very little about what to do with a child that has special needs. We educated families on medical diagnosis, nutrition as well as basic care tips & tricks.

We also offer business education for mothers so they can use their gift to support the family.


Community is so valuable to these families. We a common place to gather with the kids as well as meals and time for worship and bible study. 

Whenever we have the funds we also take field trips and get out into the local community.


We want the change to stay, even when we're not around or available. We try to use local and available resources for therapy whenever possible to create not only ownership but also long term accessibility and pouring back into the local economy.