Physical Care


Physical Therapy

When the funds are available we bring in physical therapists to work with the kids and and teach the moms how to continue the care they are doing. Usually the therapy is done in the home.

MedicAl Care & hospital visits

Sometime our kids have needs the require extra medical attention. When able, we provide resource for additional medical care such a trip to a bigger and better hospital. We were able to take Dan to the hospital when he needed and EKG!

Medication & Medical Equipment

Depending on the resources we have, we try to provide medication as well as equipment that meets the needs of each child. Sometimes this looks like crutches or even a wheelchair. You should have seen the look on Peter's face when we got him his wheelchair!

The transformation:

This physical care has radically transformed the quality of life for these kids with special needs. Vanessa's story on the homepage is just one example. See more below!