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In Uganda, children with special needs are often considered bewitched or a curse on their families - they are usually hidden away, receiving no care or stimulation that any healthy child would receive. Suubi House helps these kids by providing physical and medical care as well as education for the families - all in the context of a loving community environment. Suubi House is changing the perceptions of special needs and bringing hope to Uganda! 


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A Story Of Hope


Hope Changed EVERYTHING...

Seven years old, eyes shining with light and intelligence, Vanessa is the youngest of five brothers and sisters. While she was a healthy baby, Vanessa’s cerebral palsy rendered her immobile as she got older. Local superstition in Uganda suggests that children with disabilities have been cursed, and thinking their family was under supernatural attack, her father fled.

Left with nothing, Vanessa’s mother began to sell her cooking out of their 30 square foot home to make a living while her other children were at school. Vanessa was left at home on a straw mat during the day, with virtually none of the social or mental stimulation that she craved so much.


Physical therapy & Community

As a partner of Vanessa's family, we at Suubi House provided Vanessa with a place to learn, play and grow! She received physical therapy while we partnered with her mother and siblings to help them understand how to care for Vanessa and grow together as a family.


A Whole new Vanessa

Her life was totally different during her time at Suubi House! This is just one example of the power of physical care, education and community. We want to help more kids like Vanessa. We would love your help to make this happen!


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