Family Education

Here at Suubi House, we really do believe in the “Teach Someone to Fish” idea. Our goal is to give families the tools that they need to live healthy, productive lives on a long term scale and know that everyone has a powerful calling!

Health Education

  • Often there is confusion about the cause of special needs. We teach about the medical diagnosis and the science behind it. Eg: cerebral palsy is caused by brain damage, often due to malaria' - not because your family is cursed! 
  • We teach about the nutrition and the benefits of a good diet.

Care Tips & Tricks

  • How to find local / available tools to manage your child's care at home. Eg: Something as simple as using a cushion to help sit up the kids.

Business & Job Training

  • Creating micro-enterprise
  • Sewing and making products
  • Hairstyling
  • Baking

The Transformation

Education is huge! By educating the moms they are not only better able to help their kids, they connect to other community members and make an even bigger change. Also, families create new work opportunities through this education.