About Suubi House

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Suubi House or "Hope House" is a community center committed to equipping children with special needs and their families with the tools and resources for long term success, and to improve their daily quality of life.

With roots in mission work starting in 2011, we at Suubi House are serving the community of Ntinda and Greater Kampala and bringing hope in and through Christ to the families we serve.

Our Passion

We want to uncover the value and purpose for kids that have been disregarded because they have a disability or special needs. We want to love those that others consider unlovely, give hope to kids that are considered hopeless and transform their families in the wake. We want to change the idea that special needs is a curse and show that every human being has purpose and value.


  1. Every life has purpose, every life has value.

  2. Empower not enable.

  3. Holistic, inside out transformation for the people and communities we serve.

  4. No giveaways - create investment and ownernship
  5. Use local resources whenever possible.
  6. Knowledge can spread like wildfire.